Joystick Control Unit

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The ergonomic controller provides ready access to all critical system functions and smooth, effortless control, even in rough seas.


  • Heated LCD screen - Provides instant display of system status.
  • User programmable "hot key" - Gives operators instant access to frequently-used functions.
  • Home - A programmable feature that lets operators define a Home position as a reference they can use when navigating for long periods.
  • Colour - Different display settings let the operator choose between two black and white or three colour display schemes that are easy on the eyes and help operators see better.
  • Scene - Provides a variety of pre-set gain and level adjustments so that operators can get the best image quality possible thoughout a wide range of conditions.
  • Joystick - The sealed 8-way control knob provides precise control even in rough seas.
  • Ethernet connectivity - Install multiple control stations around your vessel so you can control the T Series thermal night vision cameras from anywhere you want on board
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