Raymarine Type 2/12v Hydraulic Pump

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Raymarine Hydraulic Pump Type 2/12v

Raymarine SmartPilots connect to hydraulic steering systems using a rugged hydraulic pump matched to the capacity of the hydraulic steering system. If your system is hydraulic, you'll need to find out the size (in cc) of the hydraulic cylinder ram(s) mounted to the rudder or inboard engined boats, or to the drive unit on outboard engined boats. Your steering system documentation will have this information.

This type of Hydraulic Pump is designed for boats with existing hydraulic steering systems.


  • Vessel Displacement - Does not apply here. The drive unit is matched to the ram capacity of the steering system.
  • Ram Capacity - 14in3 - 21in3 (230cc - 350cc)
  • Maximum Stall Pressure at 12V - 1450psi (100bar)
  • Peak Flow Rate (no load) - 122in3/min (2000cc/min)
  • Corepack Used - SPX30
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