Raymarine T2/12v Drive Hydraulic Linear

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Raymarine Hydraulic Linear T2/12v Drive

Designed for larger mechanically steered vessels over 20,000kg, our hydraulic linear drives are self-contained hydraulic steering systems consisting of a reversing pump, reservoir and hydraulic ram. A hydraulic linear drive unit connects to the rudder stock via an independent tiller arm. Accessory fittings from your steering system manufacturer may be required. Must be able to back drive steering system for the rudder.
It provides a totally isolated autopilot steering system consisting of:

  • Hydraulic ram: a self-contained autopilot steeringcylinder with a load limiting system and a built in clutch (to allow friction-free steering when the autopilot is not in use).
  • Reversing hydraulic pump: powers the hydraulic ram.
  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir: supplies hydraulic fluid to the system.


  • Drive Type - Type 2
  • Maximum boat displacement - 22,000 kg
  • Peak thrust - 585 kg
  • Maximum stroke - 254 mm
  • Hard-over to hard-over times - 10 seconds
  • Maximum rudder torque - 1,270 mm
  • Corepack used - SPX-30
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