B&G Triton Pilot Controller

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B&G Pilots are renowned for their accuracy and precision but most of all their reliability. Triton Pilots are no different. You can be confident that the course you set will be the one Triton will steer. Switch from manual steering to auto at the touch of a button, safe in the knowledge that Triton is in control.

The Triton Pilot has been designed using our extensive sailing and autopilot knowledge. Developed from our award winning and record breaking autopilots which are relied upon by solo and short-handed sailors around the world. Triton Pilots integrate with a series of sensors, including rate-gyro corrected compasses and highly reliable rudder feedback units, while our range of rudder drive units will ensure optimum performance across a range of boat types.

Steer to compass, true wind angle or apparent wind angle for optimum sailing performance. Or navigate to a set waypoint or follow a route by linking your Triton Pilot to a chartplotter. The intuitive controller with On, Off, change Mode and adjust course buttons makes for plain sailing. Make the most of short handed yachting by tacking at the touch of a button.


  • Intelligent Sail Steering
  • Chartplotter Integration
  • Smart Manoeuvre
  • Simple User Interface


  • Connectors Single Micro-C
  • Housing ABSmoulding
  • Waterproof Standard IPx7
  • Width 60 mm \ 2.4 in
  • Height 115 mm \ 4.5 in
  • Length 17 mm \ 0.7 in
  • Operating Temperature -15to +55ºC(+5ºF to +131ºF)
  • Power Supply 12 vDC
  • Power Consumption < 50
  • Control Keys: Pilot ON; Pilot Standby; <10>; 10>; <1>; 1>; Mode Change; Red/Green Pilot status indicator
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