B&G Hydraulic Ram T3 24V

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The Hydraulic Ram T3 24V is a high power, efficient drive unit for maximum power with minimum consumption. Ram drives allow the Power Steer mode on the Pilot to be used in cases of manual steering failure. T3 drives have a separate hydraulic pump to allow for greater mounting flexibility on this larger cylinder. If your boat falls between two pilot types, choose the larger pilot type - an under rated pilot may not be able to perform adequately when you need it most.


  • Construction Aluminium
  • Width 101 mm \ 4 in
  • Length 537 mm \ 21.1 in
  • Weight 1.06 kg \ 2.34 lbs
  • Power Supply 24 vDC
  • Power Consumption 2-4A
  • Other Features Peak Thrust: 10.3kg/2341lbs
  • Max Stroke: 305mm/12"
  • Coupling Radius: 257mm/10.1"
  • Max Torque: 2688Nm
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