Deckman C-MAP USB

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Deckman is the world’s most advanced tactical navigation software and is used by winners in every field, from sports boats
to the Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup. The software includes all the tools you need for short course round the buoys racing, offshore and ocean racing.


  • Provides the essential performance tools needed for inshore racing, offshore racing and boat tuning
  • Allows the navigator to optimise racing strategy and tactics
  • The best optimum routing calculations available for ocean racing
  • Performance testing via a suite of integrated data logging and analysis tools
  • Start screen gives live updates of boat position, favoured end, line bias and time to line
  • Multiple polar tables for performance, navigation and pre-start
  • Advanced options and bespoke add-ins available
  • Deckman provides dedicated control for WTP instrument systems


  • Please contact our Office to discuss Upgrade options for your existing Deckman Software - ph: 02-95554064


Deckman Software Demonstration

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