Furuno NAVPilot 700: Autopilot Control Unit only

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Perfect for power, sail or work boats.
FURUNO's NavPilot is a revolutionary autopilot with a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels. It utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, and plays the ultimate role in course-keeping capability. NavPilot dynamically adjusts essential parameters during navigation, such as vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather and more. With a standard set of features unrivaled by any other autopilot on the market, the NAVpilot series is perfect for any vessel from sailboats through powerboats and everything in between.
Note! Mounting Bracket optional supply


  • Auto Mode - one press of a button turns the steering over to the NAVpilot to free you to monitor your radar, chart plotter, etc
  • Advanced Auto Mode - utilizing automatic ground tracking control to steer the vessel
  • Nav Mode - track control system referenced on a precision cross track error when integrated with GPS navigator
  • Wind Mode - allows you to control your sailboat while compensating for the effects of wind and tide
  • FishHunter mode - The NavPilot will activate the FishHunter mode to perform square, zigzag, circle, orbit, spiral or figure-eight manoeuvres around the specified target at a user selected distance. This feature can also be used for Man Overboard (MOB).
  • Self-learning and adaptive software - NavPilot continues to learn your vessel's steering characteristics, allowing for real-time, dynamic adjustments to make the boat's steering more accurate.
  • Safe Helm and Power Assist modes bring the unrivaled steering comfort and control at the helm
  • One touch mode selection enables flexible steering and course control
  • User friendly interface with large rotary knob enabling simple dodge feature
  • CAN bus interface offers simple network with NavNet 3D and FI-50 instrument series
  • CAN bus interface allows devices to be incorporated into a NMEA2000 network
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