Furuno B60-20: 600W Bronze Through Hull with 20 degree deadrise offset

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The bronze B60-20º provide a vertical beam without a fairing. Inside the housing, the ceramic element is tilted to provide built-in deadrise compensation. The resulting vertical beam provides excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings. The nearly flush housing minimizes drag with only 5 mm (3/16") extending outside of the hull.


  • Mounting Type: Through Hull
  • Frequency: 50 and 200kHz
  • Power (RMS): 600 Watts
  • Beam Angle: 50kHz = 45° & 200kHz = 12°
  • Housing Material: Bronze
  • Plug: Furuno 10 pin
  • Temp Sensor: Yes (built-in)
  • Speed: No (optional: requires Y adaptor and sensor)

    NOTE 1): Some features may require additional / optional sensors

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