Furuno 520-IHD: 600W Depth P-79 Plastic c/w variable deadrise wet box

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The 520-IHD In-Hull "shoot through" style transducer is suitable for GRP boats. Installation is very simple as there is no need to drill through hull holes. A unique wet-box with simple installation style allows for a deadrise offset of any angle between 0° and 22°. The 600W dual frequency element (50 & 200kHz) is very sensitive holding bottom at high speeds. The transducer is supplied complete with wet box and pig-tail for joining a speed temp sensor where all connections are hidden below deck.


  • Mounting Type: In-Hull
  • Frequency: 50 and 200kHz
  • Power (RMS): 600 WATTS
  • Beam Angle: 50kHz = 45° & 200kHz = 15°
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Plug: 10 Pin Furuno with 6 pin Speed Temp "pig-tail" adaptor plug
  • Temp Sensor: No (optional)
  • Speed: No (optional)

    NOTE 1): Some features may require additional / optional sensors

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