Furuno 526T-LTD/12 Bronze 1kW Depth/Temp B164-12° (12° tilted element)

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If a thru-hull flush-style transducer is called for, the Tilted Element 525T-LTD/12 will accommodate a deadrise angle between 8° and 15°. This transducer compensates for deadrise by angling the element inside the housing. The transducer is labeled with an arrow on top of the housing that should point towards the keel, whether it is installed to port or starboard. This ensures that the tilted element within the housing is given the correct orientation.


  • Engineered for center console and trailered boats
  • Low-profile design leaves no protrusions below the hull
  • No effect on your boats running performance
  • Interfaces to any 600 W or 1 kW sounder
  • 1 kW power, 50/200 kHz operation
  • Transducer face can sit on trailer rollers or bunks
  • 12° tilted version
  • Built-in temperature sensor
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