Furuno PG-700 Sensor - NMEA2000 Fluxgate Magnetic sensor with solid-state rate gyro

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The PG-700 is a rate compensated heading sensor that incorporates innovative electromagnetic compass technology for highly accurate and stable readouts of your ship's heading. These sophisticated components are contained within a rugged, compact case. Unique design elements make the PG-700 virtually maintenance-free and easy to install. The PG-700 heading sensor detects terrestrial magnetism and produces compass data that can be utilized in CAN bus network.


  • A fluxgate magnetic sensor in conjunction with a solid-state angular rate heading
  • Offers a high level of accuracy and stability : 0.5┬░RMS
  • Compact unit with L-bracket allows flexible installation
  • Automatic magnetic field distortion correction
  • Provides precision heading data to FURUNO CAN bus devices
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