Maxsea Time Zero Navigator Software

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MaxSea Time Zero Navigator Chart Plotting Software c/w AIS/ARPA & 1 x XL3 Classic Navionics MM3D Chart Pack.

MaxSea TimeZero Navigator is the newest member of the MaxSea family, it includes all features that made the success of its predecessors: chart positioning, worldwide tide database, creating, managing and customizing your waypoints and routes, weather display directly on your software.

With TimeZero technology, the software now has a new ultra-fast chart engine, including marine cartography, 3D data and satellite photos. It allows you to move smoothly on nautical chart with ongoing zoom and instantaneous display, while offering a greater vision around the ship to better anticipate dangers.

MaxSea TimeZero Navigator now includes the AIS feature: anti collision assurance! Connected to your AIS transceiver, this function allows you to simply display all AIS targets around your ship (cargo, vessels over 300 tons...) on your chart zone. You are viewing their course and speed, you anticipate the dangers and risks of collision. Navigate with confidence.


  • Map Media 3D Raster and Vector chart compatible (Vector only available for Australia)
  • Easy to install software and charts activation automatically over the internet
  • Seamless Electronic Chart Plotting w/3D Worldwide Ocean and Satellite Overlay Data (GPS input required)
  • AIS/ARPA/AIS online module included (hardware inputs/internet connection required)
  • POI inputs with Active Captain w realtime review and POI updates (internet connection required)
  • Unlimited waypoints, marks and routes (output to autopilot) Route Planning View and Logbook
  • DSC & MOB Integration (hardware inputs required)
  • Weather Service - Forecast Data, Cloud, Wind, Waves, Current, Surface Pressure (E-Mail/Internet connection Req)
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 Compatible (32 or 64 bits)
  • Supplied with two installations/licenses

Please contact our office to discuss the full range of MaxSea Navigation products to determine the package best suited to your vessel and sailing needs.

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