SVC241225 G2 24VDC - 12VDC Switchmode Voltage Converters

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Intervolt SVC241225 G2 24VDC - 12VDC Switchmode Voltage Converters:

interVOLT SVC Maxi Series fulfill the need for a high end 24VDC - 12VDC voltage converter in arduous applications. Much emphasis has been placed on producing a voltage converter which delivers on the strength of our customer's requirements. Feedback indicated the need for above ground insulation, better termination, superior performance, heavy duty construction and above all, installer and user friendly. The SVC Series utilises a common negative input/output design for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. If total galvanic isolation is required please see the SVCi Series product information.


  • High Quality marine Grade 24VDC - 12VDC Voltage Converter
  • Ungrounded case for electrical isolation & common negative for ease of installation
  • Built in protection against reverse connection, short circuit, overloaded and high temperature
  • Protects your equipment from over voltage, surges and spikes


  • Continuous Load Rating @ 25°C - 25 Amps
  • Intermittent Load Rating @ 25°C - 30 Amps
  • Peak Load Rating @ 25°C - 30 Amps
  • Input Voltage Range 17-33 VDC
  • Output Voltage 13.7 VDC nominal (up to the maximum rated load)
  • Standby current draw (average) 25 mA
  • Power Conversion Efficiency @ 25°C Typically 93%
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