SPCi242420 24VDC - 12VDC Isolated Switchmode Power Conditioners

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Intervolt SPCi242420 24VDC - 12VDC Isolated Switchmode Power Conditioners:

interVOLT SPCi Maxi Series power conditioners are a ground-breaking product, designed to address the many issues associated with on-board 12VDC and 24VDC power. They are in fact a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all built into a single innovative package. Like our SVCi converter range, these units feature galvanic isolation with no common connectivity between the input and the output whatsoever. This means peace-of-mind when connecting sensitive and often expensive, high-end electronic equipment to the output. Other benefits include elimination of line interference, greater protection, better regulation and improved performance..


  • High quality Marine Grade 24VDC - 12VDC Voltage Converter
  • Galvanic isolation ensures total input to Output isolation
  • Protects your equipment from over voltage, surges and spikes
  • Eliminates line interferance, greater protection and improved performance


  • Continuous Load Rating @ 25°C 20 Amps
  • Peak Load Rating @ 25°C * 25 Amps
  • Input Voltage Range 17-33 VDC
  • Output Voltage – Low Setting 25 VDC nominal
  • Output Voltage – High Setting 27.2 VDC nominal
  • Standby Current Draw (average) 25 mA
  • Power Conversion Efficiency @ 25°C Typically 90%
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