Deka Seamate 8AGC2M

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Deka Sea Mate batteries are specially designed for engine starting and the long deep discharges typical of marine applications. The maintenance-free AGM* design immobilizes the electrolyte making Deka Sea Mate batteries spillproof and leakproof, so they’re safe to use no matter how much your tiny ship (or luxury yacht) gets tossed. Deka Sea Mate batteries are available in all popular marine sizes with abundant cranking power for quick, easy starting and all the reserve power necessary to keep your auxiliary equipment running strong.


  • Brand - Deka
  • Series - Intimidator (formerly Seamate)
  • Technology - AGM
  • Application - Dual Purpose
  • Maintenance - Maintenance Free
  • Current Limited N
  • Country of Origin USA
  • Voltage 6
  • CCA 690
  • Capacity (Ah) 187
  • Reserve Capacity 380
  • Weight (Kgs) 32

Charging Information

  • Boost (V) 7.2-7.3
  • Float (V) 6.75-6.9
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