Gel-Tech 8G31DT

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Gel-Tech sealed gel batteries are the ultimate lead-acid based solution for demanding Deep Cycle applications. Among the many features which set Gel-Tech batteries apart from the competition are exclusive tank-formed plates, calcium copper lead alloys, and the use of durable polypropylene cases. Gel-Tech batteries also feature the very best in pressure safety release valves, computer controlled gel mixing, and multi stage vacuum filling. These features combine to eliminate voids and dead spots from forming on the plates during the manufacturing process which can lead to inconsistent life and reduced performance.

They won’t spill even if the battery is tipped upside down or cracked open. The gelled electrolyte helps inhibit wear and tear caused by severe vibrations, and protects the plates in repetitive discharge/recharge situations. They offer excellent charge efficiency and are not current limited on recharge so long as the voltage is regulated. Gel-Tech batteries are also particularly suited to marine or house power applications where bilge gases are critical.

Technical Information

  • Technology - Gel
  • Application - Deep Cycle
  • Maintenance - Maintenance Free
  • Current Limited - N
  • Country of Origin - USA
  • Voltage 12
  • CCA 550
  • Capacity (Ah) 98
  • Reserve Capacity 180
  • Weight (Kgs) 32.5
  • Boost (V) 13.8-14.1
  • Float (V) 13.5-13.8
  • Suitable Charger View Charging Guide (PDF 2mb)
  • Terminal - SAE Top Post and Stud Terminals LHP
  • Handle Y
  • Flush Top Y
  • Dimensions (mm) 329 x 171 x 248
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