Alpha 24/100

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The Mastervolt Alternator Alpha produces direct current (DC) for your 24 V onboard system to charge batteries (starter, service or bowthruster) fast and complete through its 3-step charge characteristic. This alternator can be installed on any engine type. A charge regulator Alpha Pro (3-step) is included and achieves maximum yield from minimum engine hours. A loss in voltage due to wiring and/or battery isolator is automatically compensated for.

Using a Battery Mate or battery isolator in conjunction with an Alpha alternator makes it possible to easily charge two or three separate battery sets simultaneously. If you need high-speed battery recharging and complete solution for your energy system, a Mastervolt Alpha alternator is the solution!


  • Total charge current 110 A
  • Charge regulation the Alpha Pro charge regulator comes standard with all models
  • Cable length regulator/alternator 1.5 mtr oil resistant marine connection cable
  • Belt section 2xA
  • Isolated yes
  • Directions of revolutions 2
  • Weight 10.1 kg
  • Mounting six o'clock

Technical specifications

  • Charge voltage Absorption 28.5 V
  • Charge voltage Float 26.5 V
  • Pulley (double) diameter 88 mm
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