Alpha Pro 12V Regulator

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With an Alpha Pro charge regulator rest assured that the battery charge process will be handled safely and quickly. Power from the alternator is efficiently transferred to the batteries via the Mastervolt three-step charge method. It is the ideal connection between alternator and battery.

The charge voltage is automatically adjusted if there is any risk of gas formation. Electronics permanently regulate voltage, ensuring that the battery is always kept in good condition. Using a Battery Mate or Battery Isolator in conjunction with an Alpha alternator makes it possible to easily charge two or three separate battery-sets simultaneously. LEDs on the regulator itself indicate the charge phase and an external setpoint can be used to adjust the charge voltage. This means simple monitoring and operating.

Installing and using is easy while included are six metres of cable, a telejack for connecting the regulator and a sensor for attaching the battery. Fasten connections serve to attach the cable to the alternator. This charge regulator is suitable for a Mastervolt alternator. Always consult your Mastervolt Energy Shop dealer or technician if you are planning to upgrade the alternator installation. Existing alternators can occasionally be combined with an Alpha Pro regulator.


  • Cable length regulator/alternator 1.5 mtr oil resistant marine connection cable
  • Cable length temperature sensor 6 mtr
  • Connection plug regulator/alternator Alpha/Mastervolt
  • Dimensions, hxwxd 90x95x30 mm
  • Weight 0.4 kg


  • Charge voltage Bulk 14.25 V
  • Adjustibility Bulk 13-15 V
  • Charge voltage Absorption 14.25 V
  • Absorption time 4 hours, adjustable from 2 minutes to 12 hours
  • Charge voltage Float 13.25 V
  • Adjustibility Float 13-13.9 V
  • Temperature compensation -30 mV/ °C
  • Alternator type various
  • Protection degree IP65
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