Broadband 3G™ Radar

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Simrad Yachting's Broadband Radar™ provides amazing target resolution, even at an unprecedented 1/32 nm range. Docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with clarity and separation, for added confi dence in close quarters. Broadband Radar™ technology also eliminates the "main bang" of a pulse radar — the obscured "dead zone" immediately around the vessel — which interferes with close target detection.

Because Simrad Broadband Radar™ transmits at 1/10,000 the power of typical pulse radars (emitting 5 times less energy than an average cell phone), the radome is safe to mount in locations never before possible. In addition, the lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar makes this system ideally suited for sailboats and other vessels with limited power.


  • 30% longer range with 2X transmit power
  • Crystal clear image of your surroundings with auto harbour/offshore modes
  • Extremely low radiation, mount anywhwere
  • InstantOn with no tuning required
  • Fast scan mode with 36RPM less than 2nm
  • Low power consumption - ideal for sailboats
  • True motion dipslay with NSE, NSO and NSS to easily distinguish moving targets from land
  • 10 MARPA targets and dual guard zones


  • Mounting Bolts: 4x30xM8 - 304 stainless steel
  • Waterproof Standard IPX6
  • Height 280 mm \ 11 in
  • Diameter 488 mm \ 19.2 in
  • Weight 7.4 kg \ 16.31 lbs
  • Humidity +35°C (95°F) 95% RH
  • Operating Temperature -25° to +55°C (-13° to +130°F)
  • Power Supply 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems) Reverse polarity protection vDC
  • Power Consumption 18W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc
  • Power Consumption Standby 2W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc – only 150ma
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