Folding Solar Panels 120watt

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Enerdrive offers a great solution to keep your battery and 12 volt equipment going and going all year round in the sun. The Enerdrive Portable Power Anywhere Solar kit features all the goods you require for portable solar power. Our new and improved range includes a new 120W model. All models now have frame corner protection, improved clasps and heavy duty carry bag.


  • Quality Mono-Crystalline solar panels with solid 35mm double channel aluminium frames
  • Sturdy legs to provide you with the best angle for the panels to the sun
  • 5 meters of easy plug and play battery leads
  • A quality 10amp solar regulator with adjustability for either flooded or sealed type batteries
  • A strong, durable canvas bag with carry pouch for all accessories
  • Locally supported 2 year product warranty with spare parts on demand


  • Max Power Pm(W) 120
  • Power Tollerrance % ±3%
  • Max Power Voltage Vm(V) 18
  • Max Power Current Im(A) 6.67
  • Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 22
  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A) 6.88
  • Max System Voltage (VDC) 1000
  • Dimensions Folded (mm) 545 x 850 x 85
  • Dimensions Open (mm) 1100 x 850 x 40
  • Weight (kg) 15.5
  • Test Condition 1000W/m² ,AM1.5,25°C
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