Furuno FCV-627 5.7" Fish Finder

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The FURUNO FCV-627 is a brand new dual frequency (50kHz and 200kHz) Fish Finder. Equipped with Furuno's latest technology, the Bottom Discrimination Function it allows you to analyse bottom structure and fish target size.


  • Bright colour LCD gives excellent readability even in broad daylight.
  • Waterproof construction permits installation on open bridge.
  • Automatic mode automatically adjusts the set to provide the best possible display, from shallow to deep depths.
  • ACCU-FISH feature provides estimate of fish length with fish size dependent fish mark.
  • Bottom discrimination display provides estimate of bottom composition.
  • White line feature helps distinguish bottom fish from the bottom echo.
  • Gain adjusts sensitivity over the entire screen.
  • Various alarms alert you to presence of fish, dangerous situations, etc.
  • Destination waypoint feature provides range, bearing, and time-to-go to destination waypoint (up to 20 waypoints).*
  • Echo position can be output to a navigational plotter.*

Note: Requires connection of appropriate sensor, navigation device.

FCV-627 Product Brochure

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