Raymarine ST2000+ Tiller

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Raymarine ST2000+ Tiller

Your Raymarine tiller pilot is a totally self-contained autopilot designed for tiller steered sailboats. The autopilot is mounted between the tiller and a single attachment point on the boat’s structure. It is designed for owner installation and is ready for use after connection to the boat’s 12 V electrical system.
AutoTack lets you handle the sheets while the pilot tacks the boat and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power. Whether used as a stand-alone pilot or with SeaTalk/ NMEA GPS, the clear backlit LCD and 6 button keypad make these pilots safe and easy to use.

Main features:

  • 6 button digital keypad
  • Backlit LCD display of heading, locked course and navigational information
  • User calibration for optimum performance
  • WindTrim control in WindTrim mode
  • SeaTalk compatible
  • Automatic compass deviation correction
  • Northerly/Southerly heading compensation
  • Automatic heading deadband – seastate control
  • Automatic tack
  • Built-in navigator interface (NMEA and SeaTalk)
  • Waypoint advance feature


  • Recommended Maximum Displacement 4,500kg (10,000lbs)
  • Power Supply 12V systems
  • Absolute Voltage Range 10 - 16V DC
  • Power Consumption 40mA
  • Weight 1.53 (3.4)
  • Mounting methods Reversible port or starboard
  • Display size 45mm segmented LCD
  • Display Lighting 3 levels plus off
  • Connections NMEA 0183 input SeaTalk
  • Thrust 77kg (169 lbs)
  • Stroke 236mm (9.3in)
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