Raymarine CP100 Chirp DownVision Sonar Module

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Raymarine CP100 Chirp DownVision Sonar Module

The CP100 network sonar module brings CHIRP DownVision technology to Raymarine's multifunction displays. CP100's CHIRP DownVision delivers a photo like view of the world beneath your boat, allowing you to image bottom structure with amazing detail and target fish simultaneously.

Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit a single frequency with each pulse, the CP100 uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies with each pulse - the result is much higher resolution, photo-like sonar images.


  • Photo-like imagery of bottom structure using Raymarine's CHIRP DownVision technology
  • DownVision™ depth performance to 600ft
  • Dual Channel CHIRP sonar; view high resolution CHIRP DownVision structure imagery and target fish with CHIRP sonar simultaneously.
  • Network the CP100 with Raymarine's latest generation multifunction displays. From the compact a Series to the flagship gS Series the CP100 brings underwater vision in resolutions up to 1280 x 800 pixels.


  • Compatible with New a Series, New e Series, new c Series and gS Series
  • Sonar type CHIRP
  • Nominal supply voltage 12/24V DC Systems
  • Operating voltage range 10.2 - 32 V DC
  • Power consumption at full power 3 watts
  • Operating temperature range 0ºC to +55ºC
  • Storage temperature range -30ºC to +70ºC
  • Waterproofing standard IPX6 and IPX7
  • Connections Power (power cable), transducer (9 pin connector), and Raynet network connector
  • Transducer info: Max depth DownVision - 600ft, Traditional - 600ft. Centre frequency DownVision 350 kHz, Traditional 200 kHz
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