Furuno 711C Autopilot less heading sensor

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The Furuno NavPilot 711C Autopilot less Heading Sensor

Kick back, relax and let NAVpilot steer you to the destination!

FURUNO's NAVpilot is a revolutionary autopilot with a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels. It utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, and plays the ultimate role in course keeping capability, dynamically adjusting essential parameters for navigation i.e., vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in the system memory and continuously optimized.


•Perfect for inboard or outboard power boats and sail boats
•Introducing “SABIKI mode” for the NAVpilot-711C
•Furuno Fantum Feedback - allows for no physical rudder feedback unit for a streamlined installation and precise course control
•Simplified activation set-up by on-screen wizard
•Optional revolutionary SAFE HELM and POWER ASSIST brings unrivaled steering control and comfort at the helm
•Utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm
•Selectable "Economy" and "Precision" Navigation Modes combine adaptive technology providing fuel and power savings of up to 2.5% or more.
•Precision" XTE accuracy: within 0.003 nm
•Bright & Clear Display
•Simple one-touch mode selection enables flexible steering and course control
•Different mode variations
•FishHunter - The NAVpilot will activate the FishHunter to perform square, zigzag, circle, orbit, spiral or gure eight maneuvers around the specied target at a user selected distance. This feature can also be used for Man Overboard (MOB).
•Volvo Penta IPS compatibility


•Display 4.1" Color LCD
•Effective Display Area 82.6 (W) x 61.9 (H) mm
•Pixel Number 320 x 240
•Backlight 8 steps
•Power Supply 12-24 VDC: 4.0 - 2.0 A (excluding pump)
•Size 115 (H) x 115 (W) x 73 (D)
•Weight 0.33 kg

See NavPilot 711C Brochure for further details

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