Our clients

Sail, power, private or commercial - our client base is varied and extensive. From standalone components on a trailer boat through to racing yachts, luxurycraft and commercial vessels – we have everyone covered.


We have established a reputation for specialising in state of the art race yachts both within Australia and Overseas. Olectrics have been involved in many racing yacht builds and continue to service and upgrade an existing fleet of racing yachts worldwide. We are proud of our strong association with the participants of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, with our team closely involved with most of the top 20 vessels and the wider fleet. Olectrics is also involved with vessels participating in one design regattas through to the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race.


Our clients in the leisure market are extremely varied, which is a tribute to the skills of our team. From old wooden motor boats that have been handed down through the generations; to weekend sailors that participate in the odd race or two; trailable fishing boats; pleaure craft through to high end superyachts - we have the leisure industry covered.


We have developed a sound profile within Government departments such as the Ports Authority, Water Police, Department of Defence, Coastal Patrol and many Commercial Charter businesses - undertaking varied sales, installation and service work. This continues to be a growing part of our business.

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