Our team

The success of Olectric Systems has been a direct result of the skills, experience and dedication of our team – who pride themselves on their workmanship, technical strength and commitment.

Our team hold formal qualifications in Electronics, Electrical and Industrial Control.

Whilst all our team cover a broad spectrum of skills, there are areas of specialization that each continue to develop to ensure we are leading the way in marine electronics. Regular technical updates and working on state of the art projects ensures our capabilities are literally world class.

The Olectric Team includes:

Guy Oliver
P: 0419 333 403
E: guy@olectric.com

Grant Gosschalk
P: 0407 103 343
E: grant@olectric.com

Matt Smith
P: 0414 542 753
E: matt@olectric.com

Nick Mrdjen
P: 0414 214 973
E: nick@olectric.com

Alex Stares
P: 0407 448 058
E: alex@olectric.com

Blake Dowling
P: 0499 997 967
E: blake@olectric.com

Ingrid Schings
P: 02 9807 5568
E: admin@olectric.com

Sue Oliver
P: 02 9807 5568
E: sue@olectric.com

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